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Tips That Will Help You Write A Strong Research Paper

Set practical goals

It is silly to set a goal that you will work for two or say three hours. That doesn't achieve anything. If you say I will read four chapters of a relevant textbook, take notes and prepare for my research paper, then that is a practical goal.

Walk away from work

Sometimes you feel as if you have to put in hour after hour of research and writing to produce your research paper. Sometimes you'll make more progress by stopping work, by walking away from it and doing something completely different.

Use timetables

You will have a start and a finish time with your research paper. For all the days and weeks between those two dates, list goals or milestones you need to achieve. Keep this timetable handy so you are able to keep track of your progress.

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    be certain of the topic

    Your teacher is an ideal person to talk to regarding your choice of topic. Does it have sufficient resource material?Take your time in making sure the topic selection is spot on.

  • research materials

    research material

    If you have chosen a specific topic, you need to fine tune your resource material. You can waste a lot of time by reading research material which is on the periphery of your subject.

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    an outline is essential

    Don't start writing until you have a detailed plan in front of you. The more time you spend in preparation of your research paper, the stronger it will be when you come to writing it.

Make sure your voice shines through

You are writing a research paper but it is not a machine or robot which is doing the writing. Make sure that there is a person behind the research paper and an individual at that.

  • Proofreading is an art form

    So many students feel that having done so much research and then so much writing, that when they finally finish their work, a cursory reading of same is sufficient. This is a fatal mistake. You need to spend quality time proofreading your research paper to remove any mistakes and improve its quality wherever possible.

  • A rushed job is a bad job

    The sooner you start the task the better. The more time you allow yourself to do justice to the research paper the better. If you leave things to last-minute the quality of your work will suffer.

  • Re-read the advice

    Now here is a good idea. Go back over everything already listed and double check to see you have understood the tips.

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