20 Easy Topics to Write Your Research Paper On

There is no such thing as a topic that is fun and easy for everyone to write about. However, there are topics that are discussed more often than others, so you can gather lots of material on them without much effort. Scroll down for a list of twenty simple but interesting research paper topics to find the one you like best.

  1. Advertising. Should the advertising of alcohol, tobacco products, or prescription meds be banned for morality reasons?
  2. Airport security. Are there better means to ensure the security of flights than invasive pat-downs and body scans?
  3. Animal rights. Should the use of animals for sport and entertainment be banned?
  4. Beauty contests. Do they serve the empowerment or the exploitation of women and little girls?
  5. Birth order. How does being the first, the middle, or the youngest child in a family affect a person’s life?
  6. College admission. Is it too difficult to get into college? Should the admission rules become milder or stricter?
  7. Censorship. Should parents decide what their underage children can watch or read? Should the use of parental filters on the Internet be encouraged?
  8. Cybercrime. Which new means of stealing identities and money online have emerged over the recent years? What are some means of protection?
  9. Dieting. Is it a means to maintain good health and shape, or a self-destructive habit? Should diet advertisements be restricted?
  10. Distance education. Can it completely replace traditional universities, colleges, and schools?
  11. Drunk driving. Should the penalties be stricter?
  12. Fast food. Should fast food restaurants be blamed for the increasing obesity of people?
  13. Genetic screening. What are the possible health benefits and dangers of this practice? Is there a problem of workplace discrimination on the basis of genetic tests?
  14. Grades inflation. Is it too easy to get top grades in the U.S. when compared to other countries? Should the education system be improved?
  15. Immigration. Why is the problem of illegal immigration persisting in so many countries? How can it be solved?
  16. Organic foods. Do they offer considerable health benefits? What are the possible negative consequences from growing more of them?
  17. Peer pressure. What are its possible effects on teenagers? Can it be completely prevented?
  18. Sex education. Is it necessary? What are the problems with it?
  19. Surrogate motherhood. What are the problems and benefits of this practice?
  20. The wage gap between men and women. Does this problem still exist? How can it be solved?

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