10 strong topic ideas for a sports research paper

Sport as a subject is as exciting as it is challenging. There is a huge array of topics to select from for a research paper, and often that is the very reason topic selection becomes the most difficult part of the project.

To make topic selection relatively simple, get a vague idea of the general area you would like to write about. For example, you may find that Sports Management interests you a lot, whereas coaching and associated issues do not hold your interest for long. Go with the category you find yourself drawn to, and then try distilling it to a subcategory and a specific branch of it. Excluding categories in large chunks will make the process easier.

Here are 10 of the strongest topics found on the web:

  1. Coaching styles and Herb Brooks.
  2. Critical thinking as the most important skill of a football coach.
  3. Cross-gender coaching is it counterproductive.
  4. Prejudice in professionals in the Olympics.
  5. Leadership approaches and sports management is an autocratic leader better suited to team sports.
  6. Gender equality in team sports should girls and boys play on the same team?
  7. Sudden Cardiac Death in athletes: Causes and prevention.
  8. Economic analysis of cartels in sports
  9. Betting and match fixing... What can be done to stop corruption in sports?
  10. College Football and Academics: Are footballers receiving a sound education?

Remember, you need to LIKE the topic of your research paper to make it work. You will be spending quite some time researching the topic, writing and rewriting your drafts and preparing a structured, academic document about it. A topic that you like is going to make the work that much easier, more like sport. Your feeling about the subject will convert into high quality arguments and forceful conviction. Another important prerequisite is that your topic should be original. Your subject or issue cannot be very new, but the angle you pursue may be innovative! Your audience: the teacher is as bored of reading and marking the chewed up material, bored students cough out in research papers. Something fresher, more happening, will guarantee that not only you enjoy something that others drag their feet through, but also you get a good grade.

You can find more help with you research paper online if all of the above fails, and no topic seems promising to you. Not everyone is built for academic tasks, and that is ok too. There are agencies that can guide you through the process of topic selection, or even write the paper for you if you are so inclined.

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