Choosing an Interesting Topic for a Technology Research Paper

Any research paper can be a challenge to get started, especially getting a topic picked for it. A Technology Research Paper, can be even more, because of the broad subject matter it can cover. So what a student needs to do, is to narrow the subject down. Make it easier on them. Depending on the student’s major, this can easily be done. Use the field the student knows best, then work from that angle.

  1. Journalism
  2. English
  3. Music
  4. Biology
  5. Criminal Law


Journalism has many different technological breakthroughs, that can be covered in a research paper. It is a history of innovation to get the news, and advertisement from point “A”, to point “B”. Because of this, many different machines and other forms of technology have been developed.

  1. History of the Printing Press
  2. Development of the Linotype
  3. Woodcut Printing
  4. Early Photojournalism
  5. Journalism and the Radio


Writing books, poetry, and Treatise, all had to be printed, and binded, bound into book and tomes. What this means, is that the world changed for the writer, poet, and everyone. It all has to do with technological advances of different time periods, and continues to change today.

  1. History of Binding
  2. Development of Paper
  3. History of Ink
  4. From Quill to Pen
  5. Technologies that changed the world of literature


If a sound is made from an item that can be controlled by man, technology is involved somehow. Every instrument that can be played, is a technological development.

  1. How the Lira da Braccio Changed the Orchestra
  2. How did Ctesibius, Change the Course of Music?
  3. What was the Importance of the Recorder?
  4. Computers and Music
  5. Early Mechanical Instruments


Technology has encompassed every aspect of studying Biology. It does not matter if it is a vehicle driven to get to an area to study Lions, or the electron microscope used to study microbiology. Technology is there, and can be written about.

  1. History of Field Research Vehicles
  2. Development of microbiology Study Tools
  3. SCUBA and Marine Biology
  4. Types of Cameras used in Research
  5. Robotics and Deep Sea Research

Criminal Law

Even Criminal law has had to use various forms of technology to advance its study. This gives any Criminal Law student a wide area to look into.

  1. History of Finger Printing
  2. Chemistry and Crimanal Law
  3. History of Forensic anthropology
  4. History of Forensics
  5. Technology and the Law

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