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The idea that you should be able to choose your research paper topic “easily” is nothing short of ridiculous if you have not made up your mind long before the assignment. If the prospect of selecting a topic for your English research paper has suddenly arrived into your life, you might end up scratching your head in confusion or pulling your hair in frustration! There is, of course, no shortage of things to write about. Actually, there are just so many subjects that are almost screaming for exploration in detail, that it becomes truly hard to settle for just one. The best advice in such situations is to put your pen where your heart is. Write your research paper on a topic that is close to your heart; just be sure to tackle it from a fresh angle.

Here is a compilation of research paper ideas that might give you clues and inspiration to your very own topic:

  1. Imperialism and its effects on the third world countries
  2. The concept of a nation state Is it still a valid form of dividing the human race?
  3. What if the States of America wanted independence
  4. Iliad: An exploration of the underlying themes and the historical background
  5. Odyssey: An analysis of the characters
  6. Shakespeare: Who was he?
  7. The history of the written word
  8. How English language evolved over the centuries
  9. Airplane crashes: Is travel by road safer?
  10. War on Terrorism: The world after 9/11
  11. War on Terrorism: Our troops in the Iraq war
  12. War on Terrorism: can it be won? Who are the major players? Is it as simple as religious fundamentalism attacking the “west”?
  13. Money: the story of how currency was invented
  14. Are parents meant to behave uniformly across the globe? Is “parenting” overdone?
  15. Sexism: Is the problem solved? Is feminism now obsolete?
  16. Does the concept of a nation-state promote racism?
  17. Adolf Hitler: What made him the monster that he was?
  18. Unemployment: An analysis of the official statistics

These are just unique ideas to pique your interest and get your mind in high gear. You can roam about the Internet to find longer, more comprehensive lists of topic ideas. Your research paper is an important assignment, do not procrastinate or do it half-heartedly. If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to deal with it, there are professional writing services that can help.

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