12 Unique Research Paper Ideas For Hamlet

Students are often asked to write research papers on Shakespeare’s Hamlet . This piece of literature provides endless research opportunities, so every student can select an interesting topic to work on. If you aren’t given a list a potential topic ideas, you might brainstorm research paper topics or search for sample ideas on the Web. The following list contains twelve unique research paper ideas for Hamlet that you can use in order to get inspired:

  1. Analyze what point the author is trying to make by introducing false appearances, deception, and lying into the play.
  2. Discuss the point that the world where Hamlet lives is insane.
  3. Consider what causes Hamlet’s melancholy and why he thinks about suicide several times.
  4. Explain how reason and passion determine the behavior of the main characters.
  5. Describe the renaissance view of humanity providing examples from Hamlet.
  6. Examine in what ways each of main characters is “corrupt” in the state of Denmark.
  7. Explain the character of the Prince of Denmark. What are his weaknesses? Why are some aspects of his character admirable?
  8. Focus on the Ghost, and figure out why his character is important to understand the described world.
  9. Conduct your research on a character that you find interesting. You can write your paper about one of the minor characters if you want.
  10. Try to describe the Hamlet’s perception of the world around him.
  11. Argue whether the Prince of Denmark is idealistic or too pessimistic. Provide the necessary evidence.
  12. Write about how the main characters understand the purpose of life in the play.

After you come up with a potential topic idea, you should visit your supervisor, get the idea approved, and then start composing a work’s outline. The suggestions below are provided to help you prepare an effective Hamlet assignment:

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