Writing A Proper Research Report On Paper Industry

A research report is a critical piece of academic writing that requires planning, extensive search, data collection and analysis and summarizing skills of the author. If you are to compose a report on the paper industry then you should first determine which country or state you are talking about. Once you identify the country whose industry you are writing about, then it would be easier to gather your data and find relevant statistics.

To be able to complete a proper research report, you should follow the given guidelines for each section in your assignment.

The title of your report

The title of the paper needs to brief and comprehensive both. Do not confuse yourself because the readers want to decide whether they will spend their time and effort on reading a lengthy assignment. They will quickly make this decision by looking at your title and seeing if it is worth their time. You should avoid writing a title that is too complicated or lengthy because it needs to be 15 words or less than that. The last thing you want to add in your title is jargon, redundant words or ideas and unimportant details.

The abstract of your paper

The abstract is the section that will help your readers determine whether they want to read your report on the paper industry as well as it gives a roadmap for the readers if they decide to move forward with your paper. You should give the major aspects and points of your paper in this section staying in the limited word count that you have.

The introduction of your report

The introduction of your report will show the problem to be addressed in the paper industry, the significance of understanding this problem, and the overall scope of your work. You do not have to specify this section or give a heading because it is self-explanatory.

The method of the report

This is the section that discusses the research methods, materials, descriptions and the procedures that you will use in the paper industry to gather your data.

The results in the report

The result section is the summary of your overall work in the paper industry. You will explain the techniques and the results you found using these processes.

The discussion section in your report

The discussion is the last section after the results where you will give an expert opinion of the problem you are addressing and give the future application of your work for your readers.

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