100 Bright Ideas to Use for Your Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper is difficult enough without having to worry about a topic. For students who are stuck on a research topic, the following ideas can help them create a thesis. These ideas can be modified to suit a class or used as they are written.

  1. Psychological Cause of Arson
  2. Should divorce laws be stricter?
  3. How a bridge is built
  4. Censorship in high school and college libraries
  5. Is modern art actually art?
  6. Banning advertisement targeted at children
  7. Decreasing the drinking age
  8. Improving airport security
  9. Solutions to the current instability in Africa
  10. Child soldiers in Africa
  11. Effectiveness of abstinence
  12. Techniques for stopping bullies
  13. Should child beauty contests be banned?
  14. The Lord's Resistance Army
  15. Chinese and Taiwanese relations
  16. Ending the Drug War in Mexico
  17. Demographics of immigrants to South America
  18. Do US terrorism policies actually stop terrorism?
  19. Should victims' families be compensated after an airplane accident?
  20. Ethics of Paying College Athletes
  21. Is feminism still relevant?
  22. Latest Cyber Crime Problems
  23. Are cheap labor factories modern sweat shops?
  24. Comparison of slavery to indentured servitude
  25. How technology changed modern life
  26. Are civil unions the same as marriage?
  27. Should athletics be allowed in school?
  28. Solutions to global warming
  29. Benefits of taking a gap year from school
  30. Is it ever justifiable to break the law?
  31. Does the Internet change the quality of our learning?
  32. Should fast food and junk food be taxed?
  33. Did seat belt laws have unintended consequences?
  34. Should prostitution be legalized?
  35. Effects of drug legalization in Colorado and Washington
  36. Benefits of universal healthcare
  37. Allowing felons the right to vote
  38. Generational differences in saving
  39. Universal healthcare and outdoor adult gyms
  40. Should fast food be outlawed for causing obesity?
  41. Effectiveness of Exams in School
  42. Current German perspective on WWII
  43. Does fitness improve health?
  44. Ways to combat political corruption
  45. Ways for police to gain community support
  46. Comparison of virus protection programs
  47. Data supporting the legalization of gay marriage
  48. Noise pollution issues in cities
  49. Effects of light on the sleep cycle
  50. Estrogen's effect on weight gain
  51. Socialization and the Internet
  52. Meditation and the mind
  53. Developing leadership through sports
  54. Ways to manage spending habits
  55. Internet regulation by the government
  56. The spread of Ebola
  57. Negatives associated with caffeine
  58. Is MSG actually unhealthy?
  59. Role of holidays in anthropology
  60. Benefits of being self-employed
  61. Impact of frequent job hopping
  62. Quality of the news on television
  63. Instances where the Third Amendment was used
  64. Causes of cancer globally
  65. Private versus public schools
  66. Changes in self-expression of teenagers
  67. Are protests dangerous for society?
  68. Can people raise their IQ?
  69. Causes of the 2008 recession
  70. If alcohol was created today, would it be legal?
  71. Should cuss words be banned from cable?
  72. How reading books changes the mind in MRIs
  73. Should pilots be armed?
  74. Consequences of recycling laws
  75. Involuntary military conscription
  76. What constitutes art?
  77. Animal rights
  78. Use of quilting among pioneer women
  79. the Pony Express
  80. Modernization of Japan in the 1800s
  81. Technology in manufacturing
  82. Calories in restaurant versus home-cooked meals
  83. Bilingual education
  84. Permaculture
  85. The BioDome 2 project
  86. The Tiny House Movement
  87. Ruby Ridge: a Historical Perspective
  88. The earth without humans
  89. The process of photosynthesis
  90. Organic versus non-organic foods
  91. Usefulness of homework
  92. Al Qaida
  93. ISIS
  94. Human pollination in bee-less areas of China
  95. Genetically modified organisms
  96. The Decline of the Aztecs
  97. Is college necessary?
  98. Should sexual education be taught in the classroom?
  99. Financial regulations relation to corruption

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