Employee Satisfaction At ETAP

Chapter 5: Discussion and Conclusion

The purpose this research study was to explore the level of job satisfaction at ETAP so that the company can understand its strengths and weaknesses in building a workforce that can take the company into the future. The hypothesis of the study was, “definitive actions can be identified that will lead to overall improved performance at ETAP.” The results of this study found several areas that need to be improved in order to improve the overall job satisfaction at ETAP.

The most prominent strength was that many of the employees found the job to be stimulating. This is a primary influence on the overall job satisfaction rating. Communication as found to be a weakness the needs to be overcome for the organization to be able to succeed in building an engaged staff and increasing employee retention. Another weakness that was found by the survey is that employees did not feel that they could talk to their supervisors. This might be a result of Tunisian culture, or culture within the organization. Employees did not feel that they had a good work-life balance. This is one area that needs to be addressed in the future.

The research questions asked what factors were important to employee satisfaction at ETAP. The survey found that communication was a factor that is important to employee satisfaction. The major issues identified by the study were that communication represents the biggest challenge to employee satisfaction at ETAP. Supervisors need to make themselves more accessible to employees.

The third research question concerned the stability of the workforce in terms of the ability to meet the challenges that the company will face in the future. The study provided conflicting results in terms of this factor. The study indicated a high degree of employee satisfaction, but it also indicated that many were planning to leave for better career opportunities. This reveals another area that could be improved to raise employee retention.

The fourth research question for this study asked what actions ETAP could take to raise employee retention based on the results of this study. The weaknesses discussed in their study are a good starting point for improving employee retention. The study found that the culture within the company does not results in comfortable communication between employees and their supervisors. This is an area that could be improved. The best way to achieve this goal is through training to teach supervisors more effective communication strategies.

It was suggested the even though employees responded that they had a good relationship with their supervisor, it was suspected that these were not honest answers. The discovery that employees could not talk to their supervisors about problems and that they felt their supervisors did not communicate well supports this idea. It is difficult to support that one has a good relationship with their supervisors when there is a communication breakdown.

In conclusion, the major weaknesses found in the organization revolved around power distance and communication. The study indicated that employees are not communicating with their employees. This is am areas that is technically easily remedied, but that might present a challenge in reality. One can provide training to the managers to help them realize how to communicate more effectively, but the undelaying problem, in this case, is the company culture that promotes such behavior.

It could not be determined national or organizational culture played the biggest role in breakdown in communication. It this is due to a cultural conflict form outside of the organizations. The managers need to understand that their actions are having a negative impact on the organization and its ability to keep employees for the long-term. Regardless of where the communication style came, the result is the same. Changing this aspect of the organization will take some awareness and commitment from the supervisors into improving the company.

ETAP plays a supervisory role in the operations of other companies in the oil and gas industry. Changes in the culture of ETAP will filter down through other companies in the industry. Employee satisfaction at ETAP was indicated as being good overall, but some issues were discovered that could be improved. Communication is the biggest challenge facing the organization. This is an area that can be remedies, but which will take some effort to do so. This research study provided valuable insights into the actions that the organization could take to improve employee satisfaction and retention in the future.

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