What You Need To Find A Good Topic For An Argumentative Research Paper

If you are looking for a good topic for your research paper, then you might have to do a little more efforts. An essay depends greatly on the topic you choose for it. An argumentative essay aims on convincing your readers to a certain opinion or point by giving logical reasoning, supporting evidence, strong major arguments, real life examples, and authentic data to support your stance. This type of essay will depend on the topic you choose for it.

If you want to get a good topic for your paper then you need to search more than one place. After you complete your research, you need to brainstorm for ideas and combine your research and creativity to create an amazing topic. Try to search the internet for various topics on argumentative essays and filter out the results. If you do not find relevant material on the web, you can look in a library to find useful example topics. It is also a good idea to skim through your notes to find a strong topic.

List of argumentative research paper topics

  1. No one should have the liberty to impose decisions on others based on cast, creed or religion
  2. People commit crimes out of injustice and poverty that they suffer
  3. The world needs to have more positive stuff to think and share rather than fighting on meaningless agendas
  4. There is enough resource in this world to feed us all well
  5. Accumulation of wealth and running after more is not named success
  6. Consistency is a rare quality but the only key to success
  7. People do not fail because they lack certain skills. People fail because they do not realize their true potentials
  8. Life is a bed of roses only if you believe in yourself
  9. Children who have separated parents face behavior issues in practical life
  10. Death penalty is not an effective punishment for criminals
  11. Students should not get homework for more than one subject in one day
  12. Schools should introduce project based learning to develop the interest of students
  13. People who do not exercise tend to age early than expected
  14. Music can affect your moods greatly. Listening to sad music can trigger emotional thoughts and even make a person cry
  15. Cartoons should focus more on teaching ethics and important cultural values to young minds

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