How to write an excellent outline for a history research paper

The whole point of a research paper regardless of which topic is involved is that the writer of the paper undertakes research. It can be clearly shown throughout the writing of the research paper just how much preparation has taken place. References to relevant texts and other quotations show just how widely and how well the writer of the research paper has carried out their research.

And this type of research is never more relevant when writing a history research paper. History is never just about a collection of dates and other statistical information. Obviously such data is relevant but a history research paper will take such information and create a discussion paper as to what is relevant and important.

So the task of writing a history research paper is no small matter. And arguably the best way to achieve success in writing an excellent history research paper is to in fact write an excellent outline for the research paper. How do you go about that?

The structure of an outline is essential. Simply making a list of points you wish to make is not the right way to go about it. The structure will have an introduction, a series of body paragraphs and a conclusion. And in drawing up your outline there needs to be a clear definition between each of these sections.

Your outline will be far more effective when you have a clear understanding of the difference between a major and minor point. A major point will dominate the body paragraphs. A minor point will be there to assist the explanation of major point. Understand and know the difference.

An outline does not need to have copious amounts of information. You need to become good at shorthand, at writing the information you need in a succinct way.

As far as the physical structure of your outline is concerned, if possible try and have everything on a single page. That means that at a glance you have a complete overview of your history research paper. You're able to see in one viewing just what you have done and what you need to do. Having the whole picture before you means that in a glance it can help to keep you on track and propel you towards finishing the paper on time.

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