A List of Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

It’s easy for students who first encounter this type of research paper assignment to confuse it with an expository essay. The two are quite different in that an argumentative research paper usually requires a great amount of creativity (in choosing a topic) and in the research and reading involved in finding supporting evidence.

Deep research is needed in an argumentative research paper so that a student could learn most everything there is about an interesting topic as well as understand all of different points of view in order to make a compelling argument to convince reader to take up his or her side in agreement.

Here is a list of interesting argumentative research paper topics to inspire your own thoughts or to use in for your own assignment:

  1. How valuable are liberal arts in higher education?
  2. What are the biggest reasons for students graduating secondary skill without acquiring essential skills to succeed professionally?
  3. Should high schools continue to fund liberal arts or should they focus on more technical classes?
  4. Have cell phones positively or negatively changed the way we relate and communicate to one another?
  5. Are family relationships being positively or negatively affected by social media?
  6. What causes groups of people to illegally immigrate to another nation?
  7. Who should be prevented from legally immigrating to another country?
  8. Will military action ever lead to world peace and does it mean there should be more or less funding?
  9. Is it academic responsibility to teach general multiculturalism?
  10. What impact have recycling programs had in the U.S. and what more can be done?
  11. How different or similar is the current trend of extinction from that which has occurred in the last century?
  12. How important is it for first world countries to be concerned about clean water in developing countries?
  13. What has worked and what hasn’t when it comes to stopping poaching of endangered animals around the world?

Choosing from any one of the argumentative research paper topics above will require you to do more than simply provide your opinion and a few detailed facts. You’ll need to do a fair amount of reading arguments both for and against in order to put together an effective paper. But as you can see choosing an interesting topic will certainly make your work much easier and give your paper that edge to hook your audience and earn you a higher grade.

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