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Philosophy is the study of knowledge, existence, and reality. One of the main requirements for most Philosophy classes is to write a term paper. One of the best ways to stand out against the other students is to come up with a topic that is different from the other students. A unique topic will help your paper be graded on the content and style and not as a comparison to another student’s paper. If there are three students with the same topic. If another student writes a better paper, the teacher will be obligated to give them a better score. If you don’t have another student’s paper to compare it to, there is a less chance of having an additional aspect to grade on.

One way to decide on a topic is to grab your text book and look through the index or the table of contents to get some ideas. This way you know that the topics are relevant. There are two requirements to choosing a topic which are to have a relevant topic and a topic that has enough information on it to fulfill the requirements of the assignment. However, you should choose a topic that is unique as well.

Unique Philosophy topics to consider:

These areas of philosophy are not as popular and may help you choose a unique topic that nobody else in your class will be writing about. The best way to choose a topic however may be to find one of your own simply because the other students may feel the same way about the situation. They may understand the need for finding a unique topic and come across this or another article that lists the same unique topics. This is just something to keep in mind.

Make sure that you create an outline and keep track of your resources as you go. These are two things that can help you when you are trying to write your term paper. Most students will skip the outline because they think it is a waste of time but it will help you find solid resources and also make sure that you stay on topic. If you keep all of your resources in one area, it will be easier later when you are trying to finish your paper up.

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