Psychology Research Paper Example: An APA Format Abstract

The APA style requires that you insert an abstract right after your title page and before your introduction. An abstract is a brief summary of your paper in a single paragraph that is 150 to 250 words long. Consult your instructor on whether you should meet a more specific word count.

Below is an example of what an abstract of a psychology research paper should look like.

Sample Abstract

As childhood obesity in the United States continues to increase, more policymakers and medical experts become concerned with this situation. While most agree that this issue is a pressing problem, opinions differ on how it can be best addressed. This research study compares two popular behavioral therapies for combating obesity in adolescents: Bright Bodies and Weight Control School. Both methods use the combination of psychotherapy, diet, and physical exercise. The key difference is that the first method puts more impact on family therapy, while the second on the individual treatment. This examination of behavioral treatments for obesity points out the limitations of both individual and family therapy, and suggests the need for a more advanced solution that combines the strong sides of both approaches. Moreover, the research findings indicate the need for a complex strategy that includes medical, social, and political means to overcome the limitations of a purely psychotherapeutic approach and effectively address this national problem.

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