Where to get a research paper proposal template

There are many different areas in which to find research proposal templates. These are all effective sources in which to develop ideas for your proposal as well as differentiate yourself from the others and prepare yourself for writing a research paper.

Search Engines


Academic Websites

Local Libraries

Once you have enough examples you may now begin writing your research proposal. Make sure that your topic is specific and answers who, when, where, and how. Also take note if your subject matter is clear and concise as well as your thesis statement. Determine the purpose of your study, define the parameters, design your study, and finally, conduct your pilot study. Also make sure that you include and define data collection methods as well as making a clear statistical analysis plan. Allow time for proofreading and recognize as to whether or not the template is organized and precise.

All of these tips should help you find research proposal templates as well as writing a successful proposal.

Other Resources

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