How To Write My Term Paper In A Week: 10 Great Suggestions

Completing a term paper usually requires a significant amount of time. This is a problem for many students, simply because they are often swamped with homework from four or more classes, as well as extra-curricular activities like work or athletics. Students often end up shortchanging one or more of their homework assignments, which can result in students making the choice to write a term paper quickly. Here are a few tips to getting a major writing assignment done in approximately one week:

  1. Choose a broad topic. If you choose a narrowed topic immediately, then you will need to have more time to find research. For example, you could look up “reading strategies.”
  2. Find research to support it. When you research your topic, look for titles that have common keywords, like early elementary or high school. Once you find enough sources with a keyword you like, then you can begin to narrow the topic.
  3. Narrow your topic based on the research. You could write about reading strategies for students in early elementary school, which an argument based solely on the sources that you have found.
  4. Use a works cited list from another project. If you need more sources, look at the citations that an author used from one of the articles that you already plan to use. You will not have to read through unknown pieces. You know these pieces are good enough for the article you already have.
  5. Write your rough draft and edit as you go.
  6. Add the citations to the draft. You know the paper well enough to know where you need to make citations.
  7. Run it through a plagiarism checker. This way, you will know where to focus your revisions.
  8. Write and edit the works cited page. Use an app to help you make the works cited page.
  9. Read through one more time. It is important to double check your paper, especially to see if the works cited page matches with the in-text citations.
  10. Finish the title page and abstract. As with every term paper, be sure that you use the required formatting.

You should be able to get your term paper finished in less than a week when you minimize the amount of researching and editing. The first time you write a major project like this, you might need more than a week to complete it; but with practice, the next ones will go quickly.

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