Research Paper Format: Comparing MLA And APA Styles

MLA and APA style are the most used formats for research papers and having the knowledge of both formats will help you write any research paper that you are assigned.  Some of the differences are subtle but others are completely different.  Here I will tell you what goes in each style for your research paper.

Comparing MLA And APA Style

Set Up:  Both styles use Times New Roman 12pt font, one-inch margins, and are double-spaced.

Title Pages:  APA style requires you to put a header on the first page with the title or a shorten title if it is long with a page number to the right.  Then centered on the page you have the title, your name, and your school’s name. MLA does have a title page if you have to include an outline.  This will have your school’s name centered at the top.  Then centered in the middle of the page is your title and subtitle.  Then on the bottom you will include your name, class name, teacher’s name, and date.  If you don’t have to include an outline then your header will be your last name and the page number to the right.  And you name, teacher’s name, class name, and date will be flush left at the top of your research paper.

Research Paper: The only difference between writing a research paper in APA and MLA is that APA sections start on a new page when you have a different subtitle and MLA are separated by just the subtitles.  But when you are using a quote, you use quotation marks in APA and You indent each line in a MLA paper.

References And Endnotes:  References are included on a separate page for both but MLA also has endnotes that you can add.  This is information that you can use to add more to the paragraphs that you have already writing.

APA Citations:

Rowling, JK, & GrandPré, M. (2007). Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.NY: Arthur A. Levine Books.

This is an example of APA Citations that will go in your reference and the in text citations look like this: (Rowling & GrandPré, 2007, p. xx).

MLA Citations:

Rowling, JK, and Mary GrandPré. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. NY: Arthur A. Levine Books, 2007. Print.

And this is what the in text citation will look like:  (Rowling, GrandPre) or (Rowling, GranPre, 1-10) or (19-34).  

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