The Top 20 Unusual Economic Research Paper Topic Ideas

Designing a paper on economics takes time. From picking a topic to researching a thesis, creating an essay is an effort-filled process. To simplify this endeavor, students can use the following topic ideas. They can use one of the basic ideas or modify it to suit their class. Once they have found a good idea for a paper, they can start the researching process.

Best Economics Topic Ideas

  1. Is the World Bank still a useful organization for the global economy?
  2. How do Russian oil sales impact global energy prices? What effect do Russian political policies have on oil prices?
  3. Do cigarette taxes actually reduce the demand for using cigarettes?
  4. As biodiversity declines and endangered animals increase in number, what impact will this have on the economy?
  5. What effect does a stronger United States dollar have on the current economic recovery?
  6. How does the trade policy of China impact the United States economy?
  7. What impact do Middle Eastern conflicts have on the global economy?
  8. How does cyber hacking effect the economy? What role does hacking play in reducing ecommerce?
  9. What are the impacts of mobile technology on the world's economy?
  10. How did the Ebola outbreak affect the travel industry in Africa? How did it change the entire African economy?
  11. As the cost of alternative energy sources decrease, what impact will this have on the economies of Middle Eastern nations?
  12. How has the European Union navigated the recession economically? As an economic union of nations, have they weathered the storm better or worse than a standalone country?
  13. What are economic opportunities that are presented by global warming and climate change?
  14. What impact do labor migration and illegal immigration have on the economies of affected areas?
  15. What are the biggest economic challenges faced by the United States in the coming year?
  16. What is the economic impact of a new sports stadium on the host city?
  17. How does the Super Bowl affect the economy of its host city?
  18. What are some of Adam Smith's ideas that are more in line with modern socialism instead of capitalism?
  19. What are externalities that are presented within a purely capitalist market?
  20. What are policies that could reduce traffic in major cities? Which ones are the most economically viable?

Although these topics focus primarily on traditional economic topics, there are other thesis ideas that are non-traditional. From unintended consequences surrounding seat belt laws to the economics of the drug industry, students can write about unique topic ideas from the field of economics.

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