Twelve Interesting Economics Term Paper Ideas

When trying to find economic term paper topics, there are all kinds of sources you can consult.

First, file through your notes and textbook for this class. Make sure to ask your professor in class if he/she wants you to address topics he/she has covered in class or if you are supposed to come up with your own topic.

Keep your essay topic as narrow as possible.

Looking Down Economic Avenues Such As

Economic History

When trying to decide upon a research topic for economics papers, think about history and how the America's, or other nationality's, economy has changed over the years.

Obamacare or Other Initiatives

Look at economic initiatives under different leaders/presidents and how some policies have affected us economically, for example Obamacare is a huge economic issue with a vast array of economic implications.

Economic Theory

One can look at economic philosophy and ideologies throughout the ages as well. Look up the famous theories of economic theorists throughout time and discuss one or more of their theories in a paper. For example the character in A Beautiful Mind, the genius with schizophrenia named John Nash, who became a Nobel Laureate in Economics and his theories are still important today.

Economics and Advertising

One can also look at all kinds of aspects of economics and advertising, which always proves a rich and interesting array of topics for students.

Twelve Highly Interesting and Narrow Topics for Economics Research Essays

  1. The economic theories of John Nash and how they are still important today.
  2. The role of sexuality in television advertising and how it affects the spending habits of teen viewers.
  3. Advertising trends and how they affect certain spending habits of viewers today.
  4. Food advertising practices and how they affect American economics and spending.
  5. Current trends in advertising and economics.
  6. How the American media places too much importance on GDP(Gross Domestic Product) as a measure of overall economic growth.
  7. What are some of the effects of the internet on economics today?
  8. Do yield management systems provide a competitive yield over competitors?
  9. What is the most important economic discovery of the 2st century?
  10. Explore China's effect on the United States economy today.
  11. What is the effect of illegal immigration on the economy in the US?
  12. Should economic order Quaintly be used as an inventory practice?

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