5 great ideas to use for your cancer topic for research paper

If you are writing a research paper and looking for cancer topics, you can pick from these five great ideas:

  1. What types of cancer treatments are available, and how have they changed over the decades? Has real progress been achieved?
  2. What effect do chemicals in soaps have on cancer?
  3. Are fundraising efforts for cancer truly effective? Where does the money really go?
  4. What relation is there between second hand smoke and lung cancer?
  5. Does fluorinated water cause cancer?

If you find that you are still struggling after picking your research paper topic, then perhaps it is time to work with a professional. Each school has a writing center that is dedicated to offer tips and tricks for better writing.

In these writing centers you can also find tutors. When you are taught by someone in a one on one basis, you will get the individual touch that is very important in education. You will be at a good position to ask the person questions where you don’t understand. The person will definitely understand and repeat the point he is making. On the other hand, if you are dealing with someone online, chances are that you will not have the personal touch and asking questions might not work well. The person who is teaching you public speaking will also help you in pronunciation. Also, the tutor is able to create a lesson that is flexible to you. For instance, if he is to teach you for 10 hours per week, he can combine hours and teach you for only 3 days.

You don’t need to be struggling with your assignments to hire a tutor. You can always hire a tutor even when you are not struggling with the topic. This is where you hire a tutor to make you better. As the saying goes, two hands are better than one. If you get a good tutor, you will be able to sharpen your skills and exchange ideas. If you are the top of your class in a particular topic, you can decide to help people who are weak in a particular topic. When you help share the knowledge with the students who are not very good at it, you will have a better chance of sharpening your skills. There are many benefits of helping students who are not very gifted in a particular topic.

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