10 intriguing psychology topics for research paper

If you are searching for an intriguing psychology topic for a research paper you may just need a little extra inspiration? Sometimes students have difficulty coming up with a topic for their paper and that can in fact be more challenging than the research or the writing itself. Thankfully there are many places where you can get inspired.

As you start to search for a topic for your paper you should first take into consideration the guidelines that your teacher has established. In certain cases you may be assigned the topic which makes this area much easier. In other cases the teachers give you a broad topic on which you must write but you get to narrow it down and select something that is more condensed. If you are asked to choose the topic yourself then you should review the potential lists below.

Because the field of psychology offers so many areas of research you have a selection of different subjects from which to choose. You can start with a broad topic from the list below and then you can narrow it down from there.

You can try to:

You can consider the list of topics below and use one of the three research styles above for the topic:

  1. You can write about borderline personality disorder
  2. You can write about eating disorders
  3. You can write a profile on a particular type of therapy
  4. You can explore false memories
  5. You can write about problem solving
  6. You can explore the idea of judgment and what dictates thinking and language
  7. You can write about perception and the way it influences thoughts

Narrowing down your topic takes time. You should review this list and see if there are two or three potential topics about which you really want to write. You should then conduct a preliminary search on the internet once you finish picking your potential topics. The search should look to see if there are academic based research or published content that you can use for evidence. You want to make sure there are peer reviewed journals or books available on the topic and not just websites. You also want to make sure that there is enough to support your topic and page length. It is good for you to make preliminary searches to ensure that all of the information supports your side and not the opposite side.

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