Top 20 Research Paper Topics On Environmental Issues

How to select the ideal research paper topic?

The crucial part of your research paper is to select the topic. Your topic must compel the reader to go through the pages. You can select the topic with the consultation of your mentor but try to retain your originality there. If it has to be an environmental issue, then keep the research paper topic as grounded as possible- so that the reader can empathize with it.

20 research topics on environmental issues

  1. Recycling is one of the hottest environmental topics right now. A study in details about the pros and cons of recycling in American context.
  2. Recycling is the source of livelihood for millions in a developing nation like India. From when did it begin? And how did it spread?
  3. Usage of heavy pesticides creates a massive harmful effect on the environment. But on the other hand, farmers from the third-world can’t do without it. Formulate the topic of your paper as – A Description of how pesticides can be inflicted in the least harmful and economical way.
  4. Profiling of minimum five cases in American context where heavy dosage of Pesticide created mayhem in the health of a region.
  5. Explanation of how renewable energy can light up thousands of villages in India and that too, in the cheapest way.
  6. Depleting oil resources in middle-east and how renewable energy is emerging out as the alternative source.
  7. The Green House Effect and how it has enhanced from 1980-2014.
  8. How building dams in an agrarian country can have the adverse effects?
  9. Plastic waste disposal has altered the environmental equilibrium: In the context of Indian and China.
  10. The effective and cheap ways of waste disposable generation in third world countries.
  11. Profiles of the new diseases caused by climate change in the last thirty years.
  12. A history of changing seasons due to climate change: In the context of tropical Asian countries.
  13. Over population: a nightmare on environment or pool of human resource?
  14. Overpopulation will lead to acute food depletion by 2025.
  15. How destruction of coral reef has threatened the marine life of Australia?
  16. How ozone layer depletion will play a crucial role behind skin cancer by 2025?
  17. Deforestation and industrialization: A conflict in the context of India.
  18. Five controversies surrounding the US govt. on public health issues.
  19. How global warming caused Tsunami in the years from 2001-2010.
  20. The pros and cons of using solar energy in a low GDP country.

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