How to write a conclusion of a research paper: a solid example

The conclusion is an important part of any paper but it remains one that is often overlooked. The purpose of this section of your paper is to tie everything else in your paper together. It is meant to be a place where you comment upon what your paper really means to the big picture. It is also where you note how the results of your experiment or research have paved the way for other research. A good conclusion will:

Your conclusion should avoid the following:

Your conclusion should also include the following components:

Much the same as your introduction this part of your paper needs to be simple in structure. It needs to open with a sentence that refers to your thesis. Remember to make this sentence also transition from the preceding paragraph. The conclusion should have words in it that signal to the reader that this is the end of your paper. Your conclusion should show your reader what you were able to accomplish in your essay and give the reader a final sense of unity as though all of the pieces in your essay are finally brought together. You can add a sentence about what implications this has on further research and what else should be explored in this area.

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