Useful Instructions On Composing A Research Paper On Violence In The Workplace

Writing a strong research paper on violence in the workplace can be difficult because this subject is very sensitive and controversial. You need to be very careful when you choose a topic, because no matter how strong your convictions are the tone of an academic paper must be neutral. This will also protect you in case your professor takes an opposing view on the subject. Allowing one’s personal judgement to influence grading might be unethical, but it happens, so you should be careful.

Follow the instructions listed below if you want to create an outstanding research paper on violence in the workplace:

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. Start with choosing an issue you want to focus on in your research. Don’t be afraid to pick a controversial topic as these usually attract more attention from the readers. You just need to be careful when you develop your arguments to defend your position on this particular issue. Don’t offend your opponents, instead you should use logic and facts to crush their side of the argument. Do some preliminary research in order to make sure that there is enough data available for you to use as evidence in the paper you plan to write.

  3. Develop a research question and a thesis statement.
  4. Think of the ultimate question that you want to answer with your paper. This will help you focus. Next, find an answer to this question, this will be your thesis statement, the core of your work. The actual body of the essay will serve to prove the point you make in your thesis statement.

  5. Write an outline.
  6. You’ll need a plan to organize your thoughts, so be sure to write an outline for your essay. This will help you stay on track while you dig for important information that will help you prove your point of view.

  7. Write a rough draft.
  8. Use your outline as a guide, but don’t try to stick to it on purpose. You might come up with some more interesting ideas while you write. Don’t try too hard to create a perfect text at this stage. Your initial draft might be edgy and too big, but it must include all the relevant information you’ve managed to find.

  9. Polish your draft.
  10. Now is time to turn your draft into a real research paper. First, you should revise the content. Are all the arguments logically connected? Are all of them strong? Is the data accurate? Once content is polished, move on to eliminating grammar and spelling mistakes. Reread your work several times to find any details you might have missed.

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