A Great Tutorial On Composing A Convincing Research Paper About Junk Food

Junk food is a serious problem for this generation whether someone realizes it or not. Even though a lot of movies, documentaries and researches have been made about the severity of the issue, but still there is a need to make the public aware of the situation. The new generation is far from anything organic and all they can have is junk food leading to physical and mental health issues. However, the addiction is so strong and the food industry is a giant so no single movement can bring a change. The best possible solution is to spread awareness in everyone and then try to find a solution.

If you were to write a persuasive research paper about junk food, you would need to develop a strong and clear thesis statement. Once you have this statement as the extract of your work you need to divide it into equal parts and create your major arguments. The thesis statement of your paper should be an arguable statement that can welcome controversy or consent both. You would need to create a strong paper by having confidence in your stance and proving it your readers.

Using multiple sources to gather evidence

When writing a persuasive research paper about junk food, you will have to use several credible and relevant sources to support you stance. Even if your logic is strong, you cannot convince people merely on your opinions. You have to use more than a few sources to convince the audience that you are right.

The data you collect for your paper plays an important role in shaping your research paper. You can consider the suggestions below to have the best and most convincing evidence for your paper.

  1. Find recent sources and avoid using obsolete data in your paper. This is important because the data might be outdated and may not apply to the situation now. For example, obesity rates of 1990’s would not help much if you are writing a paper about 2015
  2. The sources you use for collecting data about junk food should be authenticated. Do not rely on any data that you find on the internet because most of it is questionable. Try finding sources that are by experts or reputable organizations. You should follow the instructions from your teacher when it comes to these sources

Create an outline by organizing your data and use it to compose your paper.

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